Are you curious about the performance of your LiDAR system and want to compare it with other LiDAR systems, then join the LiDAR Olympics on 8 November!

Fraunhofer IMS and Jakajima, the intiators of the LiDAR Olympics, invite you to participate.

This event is not only meant to benchmark the participating systems in a competitive environment, but equally important is to meet the participating teams, discuss issues, exchange experience / knowledge in order stimulate further development of the Lidar technology and community. Learn playfully more about LiDAR performances and their challenges and exchange with others.

Enjoy this day of testing, learning and meeting the unexpected in order to make the LiDAR technology better?

Benchmark procedure

There are 4 challenges in form of testing stations which have to be mastered by the LiDAR cameras:

•             Multipath Interference

•             Sunlight Noise

•             Reflectance

•             Angular Resolution


Each team can have max 2 members.

This 1st edition of the LiDAR Olympics has place for 8 teams max!


There are two types of participation possible:

– Research institutes / Universities can participate for free

– Commercial Organisations have to pay a € 500,- participation fee

Accept the challenge: Benchmark your Lidar System (

The LiDAR Olympics will take place during the 5th edition of the Photonics Applications Week.