Back in 2017, charging an iPhone wirelessly was like seeing magic happening in front of your own eyes. Five years later the wireless charging market has matured.

Chargers are faster, more elegant and efficient; however, none are focussing on making it future proof from a hardware, environmental and user perspective. Nowadays we see an increasing demand for wireless charging solutions that support multiple devices. The Zens Modular Series Bundles perfectly match this, with this charging solution you will have almost endlessly possibilities to charge up to 6 devices simultaneously.

Create your charging combination: easy and intuitive connection
All modular chargers have a carefully designed, magnetic connection which is extremely easy to use. By simply clicking them together, you are ready to go. Start with one of the three main stations and add up to four extension chargers. Only the main station needs to be connected to power using the included 65W power adapter and you can change your set up anytime.

Built from recycled materials
All modular chargers are made from recycled plastics to help to recharge our environment while giving you the freedom to build your own perfect combination of wireless chargers.

Endless charging possibilities
Do you and/or your family own up to six wirelessly rechargeable devices? The Modular Series can be built based on those needs. Charging 6 iPhones? No problem! Charging 4 iPhones and 2 AirPods? No problem! Any other combination with less devices is of course possible as well. With the Modular Series you can create your own charging station that is completely fitted to your wireless charging needs now and in the future.

New products available on
Because the number of wireless devices per household is growing rapidly we recently launched three new products on

Dual Main Station + Apple Watch Extension – available now at EUR 99.99
This product includes the Modular Dual Main Station and the Modular Apple Watch Extension. It is the perfect combination that simultaneously charges up to two devices wirelessly while also charging an Apple Watch. This combination set can be extended with up to 3 additional Modular extensions to create your perfect charging solution.
Available on our website.