The first stops of our 2022 tour with Lightyear One are complete. And how special to have seen clean mobility shine in two of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Madrid and Barcelona. 

A stormy start 

The wind and rain didn’t stop the broad smiles as features of Lightyear One were explored and discovered in Cuatro Torres (its side cameras and soft-closing doors got the most gasps!). The sheer excitement to learn that solar electric cars will hit the road this year certainly cast away the rain clouds. We were off to a bright start.

Onto a sunny stage

Then to Barcelona, where the sun was shining. But, for us, there’s always time for some adventure first. We explored the beautiful mountains of Montserrat with our car before arriving at Port Vell, where the energy was electric. Crowds came by to experience Lightyear One for themselves, and all were ready to embrace clean solar mobility. People were especially excited for Lightyear Two. So are we!

The journey continues

You can still experience our long-range solar electric car up close, as we tour Europe this year. Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates.

Lightyear One is designed for independence and created for a better world. We’re excited to have you with us as we present it this year.

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