16 wireless charging coils, offering maximum freedom of placement for wirelessly charging two devices. The integrated USB-A port and a 27W USB-C PD port provide the option to charge a tablet, MacBook Air or Ultrabook.

Back in 2019, Zens was the very first brand to offer a solution to the issue of devices accidentally being misplaced on a wireless charger. With its maximized charging area consisting of 16 overlapping charging coils, the Liberty provides ultimate freedom of placement. It allows you to wirelessly recharge up to two devices basically anywhere on the charging pad. Now the time has come to take this innovation a step further by introducing a Liberty that can be seamlessly built-in to any desk or table.

The Zens Liberty Built-In wireless charger offers ultimate convenience and allows for the user to leave all power adapters at home. The Liberty Built-In has the possibility to charge two devices wirelessly at 10W each. In addition to the wireless charging options, it features both a built-in USB-A and USB-C port to charge even more devices. Use It to charge a USB-A powered device such as an Apple Watch, headphones or Bluetooth speaker. The USB-C PD, with 27W output, can be used to charge your Ultrabook, tablet or MacBook Air by simply plugging in a USB-C cable. The included 65W power adapter provides all the power you may need.


Recommended retail price: White: € 249,99 / Glass: € 299,99 Dutch product pages: White: € 249,99 / Glass: € 299,99

Enrich furniture at home, in the office or hotel
The Liberty Built-In wireless charging solution is not just a powerhouse when it comes to charging all your mobile devices, it is also an esthetically great looking charger. The Liberty Glass Built-In has a surface that is made of tempered glass whereas the other model comes in solid white in order to blend in with most office furniture. Zens offers three-year warranty on the charger.

“In an office environment people do not want to choose between wired and wireless, therefore this stunning design combined with four charging options, both wired and wireless, fulfills that need,” said Johan Plasmans, CEO of Zens