We empower ordinary, everyday people to take the lead in restoring the earth, working together to change the broken system ourselves, rather than waiting for others to take action.

We are a network of people and projects doing people-centered productive restoration to increase and build back the ecosystem functionality of degraded landscapes. The Ecosystem Restoration Camps movement offers solutions, eases eco anxiety and inspires people through positive impact stories, learning opportunities and hands-on experiences.

The restoration work at camps draws carbon down and cools the surface temperature of the earth, thereby fighting climate change. Restoring degraded land also increases local biodiversity, restores water-systems, and improves food-security and local livelihoods. It is empowering to know that you, as an individual, can have such a significant impact through the simple act of working together to build biologically diverse, life-supporting ecosystems.

Restoring ecosystems creates a world of abundance, with more than enough natural and financial health and wealth for us all.