Evert-Jan van Donkelaar has joined the Holland Innovative Ltd. board of directors. He will form the board of directors of the Eindhoven-based company together with Hans Meeske and Ivo Aarninkhof as of January 2021. Van Donkelaar’s arrival enables Holland Innovative to expand its services to more industries. The mobility industry is now added to the list that used to comprise high tech and med tech.

Van Donkelaar worked at Philips Automotive and Lumileds i.a. for many years and possesses extensive R&D experience at various levels. Ivo Aarninkhof: “Because Evert-Jan has joined our board we will be able to broaden our service to even more markets. I focus mostly on the med tech / and health industry, whereas Hans possesses a strong high tech background. This makes Evert-Jan’s mobility expertise a valuable attribution to our company. Our focus on these markets will therefore increase in the near future.”

A growing need for strategic and tactic advice
Holland Innovative inspires through leadership in product and process development and project management. The company will remain doing so, says General Director Hans Meeske. However, Holland Innovative will broaden its scope at the same time, meaning that from now on organizations can consult tactic, strategic and management support as well.

Meeske: “Times are tough for many organizations. Operational activities request our fulltime attention, but many strategic and future issues go on as well. Think of the impact of digital transitions and energy transitions, operational process optimization, innovation potential stimulation, and the realization of even greater customer satisfaction. We take up the challenge together with our clients and shape their future in such a way that they can make a significant impact on i.a. value creation, social impact, and more.”

Growth and market expansion
Holland Innovative welcomed 13 new professionals in 2020. Allowing its total number of employees to pass the 53 mark. This growth leads to a further strengthening of the Holland Innovative network, its customer portfolio and projects.

It also establishes an even greater network of experts from innovative hotspots who share information and knowledge and can help each other out. This includes not just the Brainport network, but other connected ecosystems like the ones in Twente and The Hague as well.

Meeske: “This is very important. Continuous knowledge sharing with our partners allows us to serve our customers even better. That’s how we support their ambitions and goals best. Due to our extensive network, we are able to offer suitable solutions during every project.”

Photo: Evert-Jan van Donkelaar joins Holland Innovative board of directors