WakaWaka’s being distributed to refugees at Samos, Greece

Our latest project: 560 refugees on the Greek island Samos will have a sustainable WakaWaka Light and power bank during Christmas time. 

Samos lies only 2 km from the coast of Turkey, which makes it a hotspot for many people smugglers who tranport men, woman and children who are desperately looking for a better place to live. 

There are several camps on the island, all severely overcrowded. 

“The severe degree of overcrowding makes it impossible to provide anything even remotely resembling the barest minimum of decent living conditions to asylum seekers” 

-Greek Refugee Council 

Together with some amazing NGO’s it was possible to send 560 WakaWaka Power+ to Samos. 60 of them have already been distbuted with the help of Refugee 4 Refugee and Still I Rise. Both organizations assist getting product supplies to refugees. 

The remaining 500 will be distributed in the following weeks to people that do not have access to electricity. With the power bank they will be able to stay connected due to the solar panel integrated in the WakaWaka Power+