Students from Venlo International Business school provide project consultancy solutions to Dutch and German companies. Valuable research, useful validation and free of charge. Crosslab is ideal for enterprises looking for help to improve existing business or to innovate to new business models for the future.

Powered by the professionals of “Fontys Startup Factory” all students have access to knowledge and support from experienced teachers and coaches. An enormous network as an ideal fundament to support students, employees and teachers to develop themselves. With the focus on talent development with students they feel the team dynamics while beating deadlines and achieving milestones. Team Crosslab likes to encourage these international young consultants to develop a “GreenBrain Attitude” and to understand the transformation from formal networks to informal network.

From formal networks to crossing networks

It takes two to tango
What companies might have the right learning environment to achieve improvement and innovations? We think that smart and sustainable companies that are open to work with the principles of Design Thinking and Lean Startup connect with our students. These principles are at the core of Crosslab projects and shape the phases that students go through. It gives them a lot off freedom within a clear blueprint for a roadmap.

As part of a project group of app. 6 students they will develop several learning outcomes (skills); understanding technology, recognizing business models, being entrepreneurial in learning by doing and on top of that teamwork with all kind of students and employees with different background, expectations and expertises. That’s Crosslab.

In detail
Students and employees will learn to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams, have to be agile and adaptable, are expected to empathize with different stakeholders and build their entrepreneurial mindset. Most common projects consist of finding solutions to existing customer problems and in doing so all stakeholders conduct internal/external analyses, identify opportunities and create multiple scenarios whilst taking into consideration financial/economic information. Developing talents within students and employees.

Students will deliver a final presentation (video) that counts for 50% of their grade and provide proof of developing on several personal learning outcomes for the remaining 50% of the final grade.

We inspire the students to develop themselves in fields that they are interested in to help companies innovate. To help students develop these skills, the StartUp Factory uses the methods of Design Thinking and Lean Startup for the group and a special GrowFlow App for individual development. These group and individual developments are monitored by trained coaches within Team Crosslab.

Feel the flow to succeed
To apply these project management methods to succeed in delivering a prototype you need to have a good understanding of the subsequent steps and milestones. It all starts with you and the need to develop six basic attitudes that will help you to successfully complete the design process as a team. In this visual the whole process is clear, but while doing these steps it will make real sense. Crosslab; learning by doing…

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