There are all kinds of terms around the subject Smart Industry – and therefore also on our pages – that you may not be able to place immediately. This glossary will help you with that.

3D Printing Three-dimensional printing process in which 3D objects are produced on the basis of digital construction drawings by building the objects layer after layer. (source: Wikipedia)
3D ScanningGenerating an image of a three-dimensional object. Each point in space is recorded and this data is used as the basis for a 3D reconstruction in, for example, a CAD package.. (source: Wikipedia)
Adaptieve robotRobot that does not perform defined (pre-programmed) actions, but adapts flexibly to the situation based on sensors and vision techniques, among other things.
Additive ManufacturingCollective term for the technologies with which one can fabricate 3D objects by building the objects layer after layer. (source: Additive Manufacturing)
Big DataBig Data is referred to when one or more datasets that are too large to be maintained with regular database management systems. (source: Wikipedia)
Digitalisatie (digitalisering)The digital making (numerical processing) of information or media.(source: Wikipedia)
FieldlabPractical environments in which companies and knowledge institutions develop, test and implement Smart Industry solutions in a targeted manner. Also: an environment in which people learn to apply these solutions. (source:
Industrie 4.0The automation of and data exchange in manufacturing techniques. Via the IoT, cyber-physical systems monitor physical processes, generate a virtual copy of the physical world and make decentralized decisions. (source: Wikipedia)
Internet of Things (IoT)A proposed development of the internet, in which everyday (physical) objects are interconnected and can exchange data. Using sensors, these ‘smart objects’ can take in their environment and via embedded network technology they can communicate with people and with other objects. Based on this, they can make autonomous decisions. (source: Wikipedia)
Rapid PrototypingCollective term for various production techniques that make it possible to quickly manufacture physical prototypes. Rapid prototyping is based on virtual computer information, obtained through the CAD process, which is translated into a physical product. (source: Wikipedia)
ReshoringReclaiming production from low-wage countries. (source: KvK)
Robot (robots, robotica, robotisering)A programmable machine that can perform various tasks. (source: Wikipedia)
Smart Connected Supplier NetworkEen gekoppeld netwerk binnen de leveranciersketen waarin data wordt gedeeld met als doel om bijvoorbeeld snel inzage te bieden in product- of ontwerpdata en snel offerte- en ordergegevens met elkaar te delen. (bron:
Smart FactoryConnected factory. Facility where all (production) resources are connected, where they share valuable information and generate valuable knowledge and insights from this data.
Smart IndustryExtensive integration of ICT and advanced technologies in the industrial production chain.
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