Let’s say you want to work on your employer branding to improve internal awareness and teamwork. As a marketer you are focussing for the very first time on this topic of “employer brand” for internal communication strategy. Your company is cool and the employees can be proud, but might need some help to acknowledge this.

Therefore, you like to conduct an employee survey. Your boss, however, is not entirely convinced, because that means work and time and in general money. He thinks that you, as the person responsible, should come up with a solution and do it own your own. And let all the other people do their work.

Now you must convince him, try the 5 sentences method.

Step 1: Introductory sentence
It has to make your boss sit up and take notice and arouse his interest. In our example, your boss primarily wants to save time and work. So you say: I am sure that an employee survey will save us a lot of time and work. Then you bring your three arguments:

Step 2: Good first argument
“We don’t need to go the tedious trial-and-error route, we get valuable information first-hand.”

Step 3: Better second argument
“In addition, you can immediately plan and initiate very specific employer branding measures.”

Step 4: Strongest third argument
“And the employees are involved in the process of developing the employer brand from the start, and that alone is a big step towards employer branding!”

Step 5: Closing sentence to round off conversation and tell your Boss what you need from her.
“That’s why I would like to start with the employee survey. All I need from you is “Ok”, I will take care of everything else.”

* Use short sentences (16-17 words maximum)
* Choose a language that everyone understands
(avoid foreign words, abbreviations or technical terms)
* Bring your strongest argument to the end!

We can give the answer here again with a five-sentence model:
I tell you why you should use the 5-sentence method frequently: [1]
On the one hand ; you are forced to clarify your 3 most powerful arguments. [2]
On the other hand , you make it easier for your negotiating partner to understand and remember your arguments. [3]
4. In addition , your chance of being able to finish your full presentation increases significantly! [4)
5. So you should make 5-sentence models an integral part of your argument. An OK is all I need. [5]

Author and source: Kathrin Scheel

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