The Virtual World Hackathon Day is an initiative aiming to gather the world’s brightest online talents to battle the world’s biggest challenges. During this day, we want to bring people from all over the whole world online together. This day is meant to connect the world together in finding solutions for our global challenges. We want to work on a better future between all countries who are facing the challenges caused by COVID-19.

“I endorse World Hackathon Day to everyone around the globe striving to make impact. Strict timeframe and full commitment to ideas, not being afraid to quickly pivot makes great products. MSQRD came out of the hack and was acquired by Facebook, the next story is for you to write on WHD.”

– 1st MSQRD engineer, Dmitry Kurilo

The New World Needs New Technology

We are currently facing a shift to a new world where we have to distance ourselves from other people. This new world needs new technologies for 2020 and the future. A new world needs new technology and we want you to introduce these new technologies and how you can implement them to create a better future for the world.