Having spent four years traveling on a bicycle from London to Tokyo, Aigars Lauzis, a Latvian landscape architect realised his journey would have been much more comfortable had his bike been equipped with more than just two pedals.

So he decided to develop Z-Triton – a tricycle, a boat and a little house, all in one.

Lauzis’ start-up company Zeltini has developed a prototype of Z-Triton – a vehicle equipped with two 250-watt battery hubs, solar panels and an electric boat engine. The tricycle has two seats and an additional space for a dog or a baby. With fully charged batteries it can travel up to 40 kilometers by land and another 10 kilometers by water.

Lauzis believes this hybrid vehicle is a perfect fit for nature lovers, world travellers and could, at times of pandemic, become a good solution for active self-isolation.

Lauzis plans to make his design even more eco-friendly. In addition to the solar panels already incorporated in the prototype, the designer plans to construct the body of the vehicle from hemp fiberglass and produce most parts locally on a 3D printer.

(Production: Janis Laizans, Malgorzata Wojtunik)