We live in an interesting era of digitization in which physical objects and products also digitize. With sensors and electronics they get senses and intelligence, can communicate via the internet and can be operated remotely. This development is called the ‘Internet of Things’. It has huge impact on our society and offers opportunities for companies in all sectors. What are your next generation products and services?

In the strategy workshop “New Business Opportunities with the Internet of Things”, we inspire you about business opportunities in a digital era. We take you step by step into the world of Internet of Things (IoT).

In this one-day workshop you will develop a first new IoT business concept by looking at your own company in a different and fresh way.

The workshop is primarily intended for management level professionals who are working on the strategic orientation towards the future of their company.

Summarized the strategy workshop’s program is as follows:

  • Introduction about Internet of Things with many examples, the technological possibilities, new business models and implications for your organization.
  • Joint exploration of opportunities for your business
  • Designing a global new IoT functional concept including business model

New Business Opportunities with the Internet of Things
With smart electronics insight is gained into events in the physical world that were not there before. Besides this it becomes possible to initiate actions remotely and at any time. This creates opportunities for cost reduction, process improvement and quality improvement on the one hand. On the other hand, opportunities arise for new product functions, additional (digital) services, new business and revenue models and entirely new experiences.

Companies often earn their money in the same way for years. We see, however, that companies often have many more ways to generate income, especially with data and information-driven innovation. This involves the combination of revenue models such as product sales, software, services, information, content or indirect income (for example, on the basis of a platform function).

However, many expertises come together in the Internet of Things. It is impossible for a company to have all the knowledge and competence in-house. Cooperation with other parties is therefore crucial. And not just cooperation in the form of customer-supplier relationships. Especially in the form of strategic partnerships that offers great competitive advantage and cannot be copied.


  • Participants: Management level professional on individual basis
  • Times: 10h00 to 17h00
  • Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Investment: € 495, – excl. VAT per participant (including location, catering and workshop materials)
  • NEXT EDITION, May 23, 2019 at Meeting Room, groundfloor, Daalakkersweg 2, 5641 JA, Eindhoven, The Netherlands,

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