The InterNations Relaunch is underway, aimed at providing you with the best possible experience throughout our website. Over the coming months, we will focus on developing new features and offering you enhanced usability, whether you are visiting us from your desktop computer or a mobile device.

Here are some of the changes to look forward to:

Improved mobile access and enhanced usability across the portal:

– A clear and consistent design
– An easy-to-browse, more personalized event calendar
– A new networking experience, giving you the opportunity to meet interesting people in a one-on-one setting
– An eye-catching profile page suited to your international lifestyle – Get a first glimpse and let us know what you think!

Want to get a taste of the action?
Then take part in our beta testing program for the InterNations Relaunch! As a beta tester, you will be among the first who get to try out our new features when they are released.

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