The Airport Regions Conference, the international organisation of public authorities with airports on or nearby their territories is pleased to announce that the County Council of Iasi, Romania has joined the ARC. It was accepted as a full member at the Annual Meeting held in Madrid, Spain.

Iasi Airport is located in the N–E of Romania, at the present eastern EU border, Iasi Airport is one of the most ancient accredited airports in Romania. It was established in 1932. Its vision is to become the essential air hub to link the East of European Union and the rest of the world. Its overall objective is to develop a modern airport, fully functional, appropriate and consistent with international standards.

“We believe that through joining the ARC we will develop our inter-regional cooperation relationships at European level. We also expect to develop and implement common projects with other members of the organisation, be it EU funds or not, “said Cristian Adomnitei, president of Iasi County Council.

Iasi is a very active region in Romania in terms of development in the last years. With a population in the catchment area of the airport in excess of 5 million people, the entire North-East region of Romania is providing close to a fifth of the entire workforce of Romania.

In terms of investment, the City Council says the region is one of the most profitable in Europe when it comes to investment. It is also hosting three major universities, with a high education level.

“We decided to join the “ARC” because we have seen it as a very active organisation in relation to public authorities with airports as a key development factor and because we believe it will influence us positively in terms of regional development,” added Adomnitei.

In terms of current projects, the airport is in the process of modernising its runway, with the first phase of the project expected to be completed in August 2014.

The airport’s destinations include Tel Aviv, Milano, Vienna, Rome, Bucharest, Bologna, London and Torino and saw a traffic of a quarter million passengers last year.

The ARC is the association of European cities, regions and local authorities hosting international airports. The ARC has some 35 member regions with more than 60 million inhabitants, and 575 million passengers travelling through an ARC region every year. The ARC stands for quality of life in its regions, sustainable and harmonious development of aviation, and it fosters cooperation and dialogue between all aviation stakeholders. For more information and further presentation on these news items, visit