Virtual Call Center is a comprehensive cloud-based application and telecommunications service, which will help make your call centre activities more professional and efficient.

Their Mission
They provide not just an ICT solution but a complete and high-quality business solution for companies who communicate with their customers via phone and/or other channels, and require high-volume professional communication services. They help their clients to focus on their core business and their most valuable asset – their customers.

Their Values
• Their young and dynamic team enjoys challenges, creativity and success.
• They work in a positive and respectful atmosphere.
• They encourage personal and professional development.
• They have a client-orientated approach based on agile development methods.
• They aim to build win-win situations with their business partners and other stakeholders.
• Their company, like their product, prides itself on achieving its goals efficiently and effectively.

Company History
Virtual Call Center Ltd. began life in Budapest in 1999 as NDG Bt. The company began to focus on VoIP research and development in 2003, creating a number of solutions, including an IP-based telephone exchange application. We then moved on to installed, and subsequently hosted call centres, showcasing our new ‘Virtual Call Center’ product with great success at a number of international exhibitions, including events in Berlin, Birmingham, Warsaw, Bucharest and Budapest.

By the end of 2010, the ‘Virtual Call Center’ solution had become our cornerstone product, and as such we decided to rename our company ’ Virtual Call Center Ltd.’ in December, 2010.

Our development and support teams are located in Budapest, Hungary. Our international sales headquarters are located in Erding, Germany.

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