Neostratus is ranked as the number one cloud focus area for telecom operators across the world, according to Informa service benchmarking. This is what they do and what they deliver.

Neostratus creates
Neostratus creates cloud providers by assisting white-label partners and direct end-users to realize and implement their cloud strategies. Since inception in 2008 (then called CE On-Demand), Neostratus has supported over 25 partners in deploying their cloud strategy, primarily Tier 1 telecommunication service providers. The Company’s footprint spans over 20 countries and is growing fast.

The company
The company has a trademarked, in-house developed, fully customizable provisioning platform called Cloud Services Manager™ which enables quick and seamless cloud services provisioning, functioning as a self-service administrative platform for partners and customers.Neostratus is dedicated to help partners become successful cloud service providers by acting as a trusted cloud broker. They create cloud providers by aggregating, integrating, and customizing cloud services to Telco’s and Systems Integrators, thus providing value-added service ecosystems. To achieve all these, Neostratus has built a team of seasoned professionals who provide a full range of consultancy on all aspects of preparing partners to execute their strategy, drive sales and perform effective marketing and PR campaigns.In 2012 Informa Telecoms & Media ranked Neostratus among Top 5 cloud enablers for telecom operators worldwide. Neostratus’ vision is to continue to lead the industry in their sector and expand into new geographies by satisfying their new and existing partners’ needs. Neostratus is dedicated to driving awareness and prevalence of cloud computing across the globe and they have begun by becoming a founding board member of the pan-European cloud computing association, EuroCloud, in Hungary.

Cloud Services Manager
Cloud Services Manager is a software platform that facilitates the integration of any number of cloud services and enables their monetization. Cloud Services Manager was developed to address weaknesses of off-the-shelf control panel software and to scale up to millions of users across hundreds of partners with differentiated business models.

Main functionalities and qualities of Cloud Services Manager

• Flexible cloud services provisioning platform.
• Self-service marketplace and control panel.
• Customer hierarchy with partners, resellers, companies and users.
• Full white-label partner customization: UI, publications, custom workflows, APIs.

Unique features
• Provisioning different cloud flavours for Telco’s, SIs, outsourcers
• Multi-tenant public cloud
• Service Provider Clouds
• Private clouds
• Unlimited white-labelling and customization
• Simple and low-cost customization and integration of new partners and services
• Sold as a service (usually together with platform setup, integration and operation) and not as a software

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