General Information
WENA LDS 2013 is a 6-day international congress hosted by AIESEC The Netherlands, which will be attended by 250 delegates from different AIESEC countries. The goal of this congress is to gather young leaders, develop their leadership skills and to build a strong international network. WENA LDS 2013 will be an ideal platform that provides space and education for leadership development of the delegates as individuals, inside and outside AIESEC.

WENA LDS 2013 is made possible by AIESEC Maastricht, voted best LC three years in a row. Connect with them at |

The conference will take place from the 15th-20th March 2013.
After the conference, we will also take all interested delegates on a study tour to amazing Amsterdam, don’t miss this on the 21st and 22nd March 2013!

WENA LDS 2013 will be hosted in ‘Kasteel de Berckt’ in Baarlo. This fantastic castle offers conference rooms, in which the workshops and presentations will be given, next to a lot of beds for our delegates as well as space for unforgettable events. The venue is easily accessible by car and public transport, close to the highways A67 and A73 and close to the main train station of Venlo.

In the past few years, AIESEC The Netherlands has organized several conferences at the same venue, which have been a great success, both for the delegates and corporate partners. More information on the venue can be found here.

Fees & Cancellation policy

The conference fee for delegates of WENA LDS 2013 is €198. This covers all accomodation and food during the conference, as well as Day 0 and the damage fee. Not included are drinks during the evening events and merchandise.

In case a delegate cancels participation the following holds:
– Cancellation is possible, free of charge, before 14th February 2013
– Cancellation is possible against a fee of €60 before 28th Feburary 2013
– Cancellation is possible against a fee of €178.20 after 28th February 2013

Delegates who cannot attend due to rejection of their Visa application may cancel without charge until the 7th of March 2013. This rule applies only to delegates that have applied for their Visa by the 14th of February and followed the guidelines of the congress committee. Delegates who do not obtain their Visa but choose to not cancel their participation with the congress committee are liable for the full conference fee.

Souvenirs and Merchandise
You can soon place your pre-order here to get awesome conference souvenirs on the first day of the conference.

Source and more more: AIESEC website